OLED Touch Bar and Touch ID to Feature in 2016 Macbook Pro Revamp

May 25, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple’s high-end Macbook Pro will be having a major overhaul towards the end of this year, and this will involve some serious business, according to newly-emerged reports.

Accordingly, the device will be witnessing its biggest ever revamp since its release, and it will include some anticipated features like Touch ID, OLED Touch Bar, and more.

The predictions come from KGI Securities analyst Ming-chi Kuo, who in his new report, has detailed that the Macbook Pro 2016 version will be highlighted with features like an OLED Touch Bar replacing the function keys, and Touch ID integration.


Previous leaks have already pointed towards Apple’s patenting rights for illuminated touch controls in the Macbook chassis.

Also, Macbook Pro will be the first device to feature a Touch ID finger print scanner apart from those Apple devices that are run by iOS. This comes in addition to the report that Apple is planning to have iOS Touch ID unlocking integrated with Mac devices, which would eliminate the requirement of external biometric hardware in those devices.

Alongside, the report also suggests for USB Type C support in Macbook Pro 2016 just like it has been in the previous 12-inch Macbook Pro. This would also come alongside the regular Thunderbolt ports, with the expected version being Thunderbolt 3.

There will be some changes in the design aspect as well. Macbook Pro is expected to get bigger this year, with Apple said to be planning to launch a 13-inch version, as well as a 15-inch version. Both the versions will feature a slimmer design, and will also be lightweight compared to the previous version.

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