Mac Unlocking Using iPhones Anticipated with Next OS Overhaul

May 21, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference is just around the corner. Come this June, and we will be treated with some major overhauls in the software field offered by Apple, which will also cover the Mac OS.

There are many features said to be coupled along with the upcoming OS overhauls, but one noticeable feature is the ability to remote unlock Mac through your iPhone devices.

Yes, Apple will soon let you unlock your Mac devices just like you would unlock your Apple Watch without any direct contact with it.

Using Bluetooth LE integration, Mac devices will be able to communicate with the iPhone devices, and users can get their Mac unlocked by using either biometrics or through Touch ID. Users will be given the option to change the unlock parameters within their Apple devices, so that they can decide not to unlock the two devices together all the time.

It sounds similar to the third party unlocking services offered by Knock, but unlike those, Apple will skip the necessity of installing separate apps to enable the feature, as remote unlocking is said to be integrated within the settings with the new OS.

Another benefit with the new feature is the absence of the need for an external biometric input for Mac devices. The feature is currently being expanded in Windows running desktop by some manufacturers.

It’s also suggested that the remote integration can be expanded to further services than just unlocking, like having Apple Pay services integrated with web browsers to authenticate payments through fingerprint authentication in iPhones. This possibility also heats up the chance of Siri expansion into the Macs, with Apple trying keen on facilitating digital purchases through Siri.

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