Google Allo Messenger Comes with In-built Google Services and Machine Learning

May 20, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Beware messengers; Google is stepping up to enter your domain.

This summer, the Mountain View company will be introducing a new app called Allo, which would primarily serve as a Messenger, rivalling the services from WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

But unlike the rest, Google’s Allo would have an upper hand, which is why we mentioned that it would serve primarily serve as a Messenger. Apart from the messaging services, Allo would focus on a key factor that all the developers are trying to put in these days – multitasking.


Allo would serve both as a messenger and as a multitasking hub at the same time. This is enabled with the inclusion of Google services within the app, just like how it works with a chatbots in the other apps. It would mean that no more will you have to leave your messenger app to perform search queries. Users can ask questions in order just like it’s done in Siri.

The app also goes a step ahead by introducing machine learning features along with the aforesaid services. This would enable the app to constantly keep track on the user conversations, thus by giving out suggestions on what to reply in a conversation. This can be replies to text messages, or even pictures, and it worked quite well in the demo.

Google demonstrated the suggestions that were thrown by the app for a picture of butterfly, for which the suggestions included ‘pretty’ and ‘beautiful butterfly’. It also demonstrated another example in which the app was able to pick up the type of the flower that was held by a child. Allo related suggestions to both the baby, as well as the flower.

Some of the other features included in the app are direct share of images from camera roll, quick changing of font sizes in a conversation to represent ‘whispers’ and ‘shouts’, sticker support, incognito mode for encrypted conversations etc.

The app will be made available this summer on both Android and iOS devices.

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