Android N Offers Seamless Update Experience

May 20, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Android N is not something unfamiliar to us. With the developer preview rolled out in March, Google has already introduced many of the features we can expect in the new Android OS iteration.

However, a little more is now getting revealed as Google gears up to expand the beta for all. One such feature that now appears in the public beta is the new automated security updates.

With this, Android devices will now be able to install OTA updates in the background, so that users will not have to get them installed separately after downloading. The installation will take place in background without interfering with any of the user processes, and users can enjoy the system updates right after they get their devices rebooted.


Although new to the Android eco-system, it’s not for the first time that Google is introducing automated security updates in its OS. The feature is already available now in Chromebooks, which features the Chrome OS.

Android N is also bringing other notable features along with it like split-screen multitasking, grouped display in recent windows tray, default option for clearing all processes, upgraded Doze feature, improved access to hardware and cross-platform via Vulkan GPU support etc.

Android is also speeding up its new OS with the new JIT compiler that installs apps 75 percent faster. The code size also gets reduced by around 50 percent. Let’s wait to know if there are any additional hidden features in the new Android N OS.

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