Tumbler iOS App Gets New GIF Posts Feature; Supports Text Overlays

May 19, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Nearly six months since Tumblr introduced its GIF creation tool, the social media app is now presenting some handy extensions centred around the same.

A new update is now being rolled out for the iOS version of Tumblr, which now brings forward two handy features for all GIF lovers. One is a new feature called the GIF posts, which let users create GIF contents directly from their smartphone devices and post them straight away.

To those who have previously experimented with the Tumblr app, the new feature may not appear new. Tumblr already had this feature wrapped within the photo post option. But now, users get direct access to GIF creation with just a click, thanks to the dedicated option brought in by the app.


Users can either use videos, burst images, or live photos from their iOS devices to help them build new GIF images.

Another feature introduced in the app is a completely new feature, which lets users create text overlays in their GIF posts. As of now, only three fonts can be used by the user, but the overlays can be adjusted in size according to the user’s wish. They can also have the overlays tilted, or change the colour of the texts.

Besides, Tumblr also enables other Snapchat-alike features like letting users draw doodles on top of the GIFs, and placing emojis on it.

The feature is being gradually rolled out on iOS devices. Tumblr says that the update is not iOS-exclusive; and Android version of the update with all the new features will be rolled out within a week.

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