Lenovo Moto X Line Up to be Succeeded by New Moto Z Series

May 19, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Lenovo’s flagship series Moto X enjoyed a good run ever since its birth three years ago, with more than a couple of generations of the smartphone making their way into the markets over the period. However, Lenovo is feeling the need for a change, as a result of which the brand will be going through a minor overhaul in its branding now.

Accordingly, the Moto X series will be now giving way to a new brand, the Moto Z series of devices. This will be kicking off with the upcoming launch of Motorola’s flagship device.

The new Moto Z will however follow the likes of its successor and will have two variants spun out; the normal version called the Moto Z Style (codenamed Vector Thin) and the scaled down version which will be called Moto Z Play (codenamed Vortex). This follows the naming pattern of the previous generation of Moto X devices.


The Verizon version is also being given a name, and it will be called Moto Z Droid when it reaches the US shores. This means that the branding won’t carry any other additional tags like Turbo or Maxx.

The 5.5-inch sized Moto Z devices are also said to be featuring modular add-ons, which the company says will be called MotoMods. Previously, it was said to be arriving as Amp. The modular additions currently expected to be presented includes stereo speakers, pico projectors, optical zoom lens powered camera grips, etc.

Moto Z is all set to get revealed during the Lenovo Tech World show that will be taking place from June 9 in San Francisco.

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