Twitter Might Soon Spare Photos, Links from 140-Character Limit

May 18, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s always frustrating to see the character limit in Twitter when trying to insert photos and links in tweets. However, users could soon get relieved of this, as reports are now suggesting that Photos and Links will no more be a part of the 140-character limit imposed by Twitter.

The news comes from insiders, and Twitter hasn’t made an official statement on that front. However, an official announcement can be expected to be arriving in around two weeks, according to the one who spilled the beans over the matter.


Twitter wouldn’t cut down the character limit even if users decide to have multiple links and images coupled with a Tweet. Currently, an image reduces the limit by around 24 characters, while links get reduced by 23 characters. This is even if you are using the automatic link shortening tool from Twitter. Usage of any reduced links using other services also takes up 23 characters from the Tweets.

The concept of 140-character limit was introduced to ease its utility when sending tweets through text messages, which was how Twitter debuted during 2006. Keeping tweets within the limits let users send out tweets within a single text message.

It was later said on that the service got expanded to broader platforms. However, the character limit was kept alive to remain distinct from the rest.

It was earlier reported that the company will be considering expanding the character limits of tweets to as much as 10000 characters. With that heading nowhere, the news of Twitter relaxing links and photos from the character limit could come as a great succor.

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