Amazon Dash Now Does More Than Just Re-Ordering Detergents & Beverages

May 17, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It felt quite weird when Amazon launched their Dash button device last year, which was designed to ease the process of re-ordering for essential home products like detergents, toilet papers, beverages, etc. with just a click.

But it still generated some interest, and now, Amazon wants to do more with their button click purchasing device.

The company has now quietly launched a re-designed version of their Dash buttons, and it’s called AWS IoT Buttons. With an eye on the Internet of Things expansion, Amazon has designed the new device to be heavily customizable, and mostly deals with connecting your daily activities through the button-click.


Until now, the Dash buttons were dedicated for a single purpose, and users were never given the choice of customizing actions they can make through button-clicks. But the new AWS IoT buttons are programmable according to the company, and users can assign a range of tasks to it.

It includes actions like controlling connected home appliances, opening or closing garages, starting a car, contacting customer services for repairs, calling cabs, tracking medicinal usage, and many more. The company lists many more services, all of which the users can keep on customizing over time.

Users can make nearly 1000 clicks with one Amazon AWS IoT Button as per the battery specification of the device. The battery is an irreplaceable one, so users will have to buy a new button if to continue enjoying the one-click purchase service offered by Amazon.

Amazon says there will only be a limited release currently. The current batch has already been stocked out, and new stocks are expected to arrive on May 15. You can get the button at $20, which is $15 more than the single-purpose Dash buttons.

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