Facebook Moments Goes Global, Sans Face Recognition

May 14, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Facebook Moments, the private photo-sharing application from Facebook, is now finally coming out of the United States, with the company now announcing the global expansion of the app.

Launched for the US in June last year, Moments let people easily share photos between themselves by letting them create albums like in Google Photos, and sharing them to whoever tagged in those photos. This was introduced with the opinion of making photo accessibility easier, especially when images are snapped randomly at random places.

The better part of the app was that it came with face recognition, letting the app automatically tag the persons in the picture. However, the global version of the app comes void of this particular key feature.


Users will have to manually tag friends to make the photos accessible to them. This would also mean that the app would fail to group images automatically based on who all are in those images; a big let-down for the users outside of US. Facebook Mentions will still automatically ask you to type in the name of persons involved in the images as soon as they get synced with the app.

This could also be a measure incorporated by the company to cool down the agitation expressed by some of the users for its usage of geometrically represented face prints.

Countries like Germany and Ireland have previously stood against the tag suggestion feature which made use of facial recognition, explaining that it violated privacy laws. This could be the reason why they have barred the feature when taking the app to Europe.

The global version is currently made available to all countries in Europe, as well as in Canada. The latter region also won’t be receiving the face recognition feature.

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