WhatsApp Finally Available in Stand-Alone Desktop Versions

May 12, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Users will no more have to go through the somewhat irksome in-browser mode to get their WhatsApp database handled through PCs. The Facebook-owned company has finally launched a dedicated desktop variant of WhatsApp which is supported both on Windows and Mac.

Although providing users a dedicated space to handle all your WhatsApp activities, the app is still not completely stand-alone, as WhatsApp explains that the new app will work in sync with smartphones, just how its web-client works.

The desktop variant will have to be synced with your smartphone app initially, which would be through the QR scanning just like it is in the web version. Once done, users can get all their conversations and contacts in the desktop app, and make conversations right through the PC. However, it is still necessary that their smartphone be provided with data connection.


But unlike in the web version, which makes use of the browser capabilities, WhatsApp’s new desktop app will have a few good features, like having desktop notifications and keyboard shortcuts. It won’t support voice calls although.

The current desktop version is said to be compatible only with Windows 8 and Mac OS 10.9, and higher OSs. It means that Windows 7 users will still have to resort to the web client.

WhatsApp has been effectively tweaking its platform presence overall, with the company earlier announcing the support for the older BlackBerry and Windows versions.

WhatsApp is also planning to undergo some major overhauls with the app services this year, as the company is said to be mulling over the introduction of video calls in the smartphone versions.



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