Apple iPhone 7 to Arrive Sans Smart Connector

May 12, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It seems like Apple is ditching multiple stuff from the upcoming iPhone 7 device. Following the axing of the 3.5 mm jack headset port, it is now reported that iPhone 7 will also be coming without the Smart Connector.

For those unaware, Smart Connector was one of Apple’s key technological dedication that was introduced in iPad Pro. It let users connect devices with the option of power supply to the connected device, letting users get rid of batteries and chargers for external peripherals like headsets and keyboards.

The initial speculation that the feature would get expanded to iPhone 7, with the three dots from some of the initial leaks cementing the claims further. However, Apple now appears to have reverted the plan, and there seems to be no clear reason behind this too.


This means that users won’t be able to tap in devices to get it charged like they would have expected before, while having their iPhone 7 plugged with headsets through the Lightning port. Also, this would dampen the possibility of new gadget designs like for headsets and cases that could use up the juice from the iPhone device.

Amidst the claims that the upcoming device would have multiple attracting elements, it’s now also said that the company has put behind the plan for a new design, and have instead opted the same design that was implied on the iPhone 6 range of devices.

This along with the unavailability of any new rumored features are now piling up worries, as customers haven’t clearly got an idea of their upcoming beloved smartphone. However, this could also be one good ploy enacted by the company to keep its secrecy intact until it gets launched during September.

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