GoPro Makes Video Editing Simpler with New Smartphone Apps

May 9, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Realising that not many users like to fetch their videos on to their PCs for editing, GoPro is releasing a couple of new apps for the smartphone ecosystem so as to add some finishing touches to the videos right from the mobile devices.

Two new apps are now being launched –  Quik and Splice. The former comes as a part of the acquisition of Replay app by GoPro, and is made available for Android and iOS devices. The latter however is exclusive to iOS as of now.

Like the name suggests, Quik is a video editing app that let users quickly edit their videos with a little help from the app itself. Videos can automatically be trimmed down using the Smart Cuts filter that will automatically erase the seemingly unwanted parts from a video. The other features include addition of texts and audio, video cropping, and filter addition.


The other app, which is made available for iOS platforms is an app that is enriched by more professional tools for video editing. The company claims the app to be an ideal replacement for professional desktop video editors.

The app features additional filter effects and other functions compared to Quik, including the ability to add narration tracks, slow motion visuals and transition effects. The app was developed by Texas-based startup Vemory, and was later purchased by GoPro.

Both the apps are made available for free in the respective stores.  You can get them from the below links.

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