Microsoft Translator App Brings Major Overhauls in Android

April 27, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Microsoft’s Translator app is not the first pick for Android customers when it comes to translating. The app does carry out its job to perfection, but there are obvious shortcomings which instantly hand the upper hand to the Google Translator app.

But we see Microsoft trying hard to strike off its shortcomings, as the Redmond company has now announced a major overhaul for the Translator app which could be very much appreciated by the users.

With the latest roll out of Microsoft Translator update, the app now gets new, and much required feature of direct translation from photos. The feature will let users translate directly from saved images without having to type or speak out the entire texts. This was available in Windows Phones right from 2010, and also got featured in the iOS version earlier this year.


However, there is a limitation in the feature though. Unlike the one offered by Google, Microsoft Translator will work only upon saved images, which means that you won’t be having the option to point the camera live and get the translations. Images have to be clicked and open through Translator app to get the translations brought out.

Once you provide the image, Microsoft will provide in-line translations of the texts in the particular image, and those will appear overlaying the texts present in the image.

Besides, Microsoft Translator also adds the feature to get translations from anywhere in the phone. This is another big overhaul, as users could get the translation option brought to reach now by just selecting a text. Highlighting a text will now spawn the translate option from Microsoft along with Cut, Copy and Paste options.

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