Facebook Group Calling in Messenger Arrives

April 26, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Facebook is expanding the communication possibilities through its Messenger platform. The world’s largest social media has started offering group voice calls to the participants of group chat in the Messenger platform.

The new feature is being packed along with the latest update that can be obtained from the app stores. It’s made available both for Android and iOS devices. The new Group Calling feature comes in addition to the one-on-one voice call feature Facebook introduced some time ago.

Facebook says that users can expect almost all the assumable features to be present in the new group voice call feature. Users can start a group call by tapping the phone icon and selecting the participants from the call. Facebook says that up to 50 members can involve in a single group voice call.

Fb messaging

Users who fail to join the call initially can also join the call anytime later, provided their call invite remains open. Participants can be modified along with the call, and new members can also be added to the group call in between.

Apart from these basic features, it needs to be seen what all features Facebook will be including, like having noise isolation of non-speaking participants would be a great addition. We should be checking it out as soon as the update arrives. Facebook says that the update will be rolled out globally in the coming 24 hours.

With the new addition, users are now also anticipating for whether Facebook would be adding group video calling feature to the Messenger services. With the kind of overhauls they have been bringing recently, group video call doesn’t lie as a distant reality either.

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