Android Devices Will Finally Have an Answer to 3D Touch in Android N

April 25, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s a long time since the reports of a pressure-sensitive touch got coupled with Android devices. Many vendors were initially rumored to feature 3D Touch alternatives in their already launched flagship devices. But as of now, we do not have a single device that features the long called Force Touch feature.

However, new reports indicate that this might soon change with the advent of the upcoming Android N OS.

The latest Android N Beta that got released last week initially sparked the 3D Touch-alternate rumours with the support for Launcher shortcuts.

And now, Google too has confirmed that the upcoming OS will be working well with pressure-sensitive displays, giving an indication that the feature could indeed be a 3D-Touch alternate in Android.

The launcher shortcuts that were introduced in beta aimed at offering custom shortcuts with the icons of individual apps. Shortcuts can be app specific, say shortcuts for text message could let you instantly jump to create message section. Likewise, various apps could be offered shortcuts to perform tasks related to those particular apps.

The launcher shortcuts that have been tested until now however featured only gesture-wise shortcuts. However, it was Google who later confirmed that these launcher shortcuts could be used effectively also with pressure sensitive displays. This would make the working of Force Touch pretty close to the one used in Apple, which they have branded as the 3D Touch technology.

This will also give an upper hand for smartphone vendors in bringing the pressure-based touch recognition system alive in Android. Providers like Synaptics have already rolled out pressure-sensing touch displays for Android called ClearForce. However, it is believed that the lack of a proper support for the technology has kept the vendors refrained from introducing the technology in Android devices.

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