Huawei VR Headset for Flagship Devices Launched

April 22, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Following the likes of many tech vendors including Samsung, Chinese manufacturer Huawei has decided to slowly step into the VR industry. The company has now announced its first official VR headset for its flagship devices like Huawei P9, P9 Plus and the Mate 8 at Shanghai.

Huawei’s VR headset is simply called Huawei VR, and in all sense, it does resemble the design and functionalities of Samsung Gear VR. In fact, it just looks like a Gear replicate, with the same color variant and size as that of Samsung Gear VR.

But there’s no fault in it; for a smartphone powered VR gear, you really can’t expect for much innovations except for Alcatel who decided to double up the package as VR headset following the Google Cardboard pathway.


VR contents inside the screen can be navigated by means of the touchpad offered on the sides of the VR headset. On top of the headset is a ring for adjusting the focus of viewing. It also adds two other buttons, one on the back and other for volume controls.

With a 95-degree field of view, the Huawei VR headset offers 20ms low latency, and also features an anti-blur light filter to create less strain on user’s eyes.

Huawei VR is made compatible only with P9 Plus and the Mate 8 devices, which unfortunately features only Full HD resolutions. This would mean that VR experience won’t remains as crisp like those viewed with Gear VR, which supports Quad HD resolution with the Galaxy S and Note series models.

Huawei VR will also be coming with some rich content, which will include 4,000 free movies, over 40 games, and more than 350 panoramic images.

The exact price and release date of Huawei VR hasn’t yet been disclosed, but Huawei says that it will go on sale at some point later this year. It’s also not sure of whether it will go on sale in markets outside of China.



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