Instagram Gets New Video-Oriented Additions in Explore

April 21, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Instagram has kept its focus on photo hosting, ever since its launch and it still does. But that’s not stopping the Facebook-owned services in adding new video-oriented services to the platform.

With videos becoming inevitable on social media platforms, Instagram is now focussed on giving a better hand for the videos in the Explore section. Users from United States will be able to access through new video channels in their Explore section.

Instagram says that the new additions in Explore won’t bring a big change on its working, as users can still access the posts normally like they would have done before in the non-video segments; a sigh of relief it should be for the photo-savvy ones.


According to the blog post from Instagram, the two video channels that are being brought are the ‘Featured’ and the ‘Videos You Might Like’ channels. The former will bring videos related to specific topics under the feed, while the latter would be the normal suggested video collection where users will be fed with video related to several algorithms.

Video channels will also be getting dedicated, hand-picked themes, and Coachella is one of the earliest to gain access to the latest addition from Instagram. This would let users be in touch with the musical event with not just pictures, but also with videos that would get them through the behind-the-scene stuffs of the event.

The channels will also have auto-play enabled once users select a video by clicking the thumbnail of the video through which videos under a segment will automatically get played one after another for the user.

The new features are currently available only for US region, but Instagram assures that it will get expanded to other regions. Video services were included for the first time in Instagram back in 2013, following which they have brought in further improvements to stand resilient to the services of other similar services like Snapchat.

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