Google Calendar Wants to Become Your Trainer in Achieving Goals

April 19, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Be it exercise or any other skill learning, we do need a gentle push from behind to keep us ticking in achieving it. Now, technology is coming at your aid in the form of Google Calendars.

The company has just added a new feature, called Goals, in the latest update of the app falling in line with the tenth anniversary of Google Calendars.

Basically, the new feature is more of a time manager rather than a trainer, as the app will automatically allot you the timings you require for a specific task through machine learning features and hovering over all your inputted schedules.


It does mean that users will have to feed the app with more of their daily activities. The feature will make sure that it doesn’t fall along with any of your daily activities. Goals once set can also be deferred if users find the allotted time to be running in conflict with any of your activities which they haven’t marked in Calendar. Doing so will push your activity to another time slot.

Currently, two standard Goals are being set by Google, which are Workout and Build a Skill. The former will require you to select the type of workout, and also other data like the frequency and duration of the workouts you perform.

Skills can be various, and users can also set their own custom activities under Goal like for reading, relaxing, or any other tasks. Be the Goal be anything, continuous skipping of those from a user will have the Goal cancelled out from the app; thanks to machine learning.

The update has been made available across all regions. It will be available both on iOS and Android devices.

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