Periscope to Soon Let You Sketch Doodles on Streaming Videos

April 18, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Facebook’s entry into live stream has witnessed the adoption of many features from Twitter’s Periscope services. And now, it seems that Periscope is turning its sight into Snapchat to get its live stream video service overhauled.

Currently, the Twitter-owned platform is testing a new feature for its beta users which would let broadcasters sketch doodles on top of the live-streaming video. The feature is currently called Sketching, and would work similar to the Doodle feature in Snapchat where users could simply put their finger over the video to draw doodles over it.

Accordingly, Periscope’s Sketching feature is said to be including an eyedropper tool to select the desired color while streaming. The on-screen drawing in Periscope will disappear in around two seconds.


Periscope believes that the feature could make the live stream sessions more interactive as Sketching would cater multiple demands like marking a portion of the live-stream video, highlighting stuff, create quick comments using sketches and much more.

The service, currently in beta, also seems to have delighted the Periscope team as reports suggest that the public version of Sketching will be going live in a few weeks time. Currently, Periscope do lacks multiple on-screen options like in Snapchat for making video streams more retrofitted.

The current addition of Sketching could just be the kick-starter for more. It do indicates that Periscope has been seeking for adoptable features from the rest to lure more into their live-stream video services, which is drifting through an upward climb with the entry of competitors like Facebook.

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