Android Hands Free Control Now Enters Beta

April 18, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google Access, the app that made a stupendous debut during last year’s I/O conference, is finally psyching up to enter the smartphone arena. The company has now announced the Beta version of Google Access has gone live for all.

Although being open for all, Google says the new app is being developed by keeping in minds the needs of those who feel unease in using touch screen displays due to difficulties born out of diseases like paralysis, tremor, or temporary injury.

Once installed, users can make use of the literal voice commands to hover through their Android menu and control various in-app buttons. Google has also made sure that deeper controls are provided to the Android interface, and also to the Chrome web browser.


Various commands can now be used to trigger an action, like saying Scroll Down or Next to skip past home screen pages. Users will also be able to open apps and access scroll down menus and other options within an app.

Besides using literal voice commands, users will also be able to communicate to the app via number indexing, for which each commands can be assigned with distinct numbers. The numbers will also get displayed on-screen so that users needn’t remember the entire number list all the time.

The beta version of the app also currently disables the touch screen entirely once activated. This could however be annoying for those who would want to make use of their hand gestures and voice controls together.

Also, it’s only in the beta form now; and triggering off the touch screen could be further menacing given that the app may still take time to pick up all the voice commands.

As of now, the beta page reads that there have been enough testers who have joined the beta programme. We will have to see when the members get expanded.

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