iOS 9.3.1 Has Got a Handy Bug Hidden Inside

April 13, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The reason behind the sudden flushing out of iOS 9.3.1 was that the previous 9.3 version was so bug-laden. Users who get their iOS updated did find it to be useful in suppressing many bugs, but there were still many present, along with some new ones.

Interestingly, one among those bugs is now appearing to be a user-favorite, as this has evoked one of the absent features we thought would be there in the iOS update.

With this, users can now turn on two salient features in iOS together alongside; the Night Shift mode and the Low Power Mode.


Night Shift mode was introduced by Apple in version 9.3, but despite being something that would be more used during the late-night period, Apple never brought the option to use it alongside the Low Power mode.

This was weird, considering that the charge of an iPhone is likely to die out during the times when Night Shift mode were put to use, unless the user have got their devices hitched with the charger.

However, user can now remove the weirdness, and can put both into action until Apple brings the solution. They would have to make sure that certain things are done in the right order, and quickly.

Turning on the Light Power Mode via Settings under Battery is the first thing. Once done, enable your Night Shift mode via Siri, for which there the response will include a request to turn off the Light Mode to continue.

Replying this with a Yes should automatically toggle the modes. But here’s the trick. Once you respond with a ‘Yes’, make sure you press the sleep button before the response from Siri gets confirmed. Siri’s confirmation beep can be heard following that, but you can notice that you have just made the impossible possible.

It’s not sure of how long the bug-invoked feature will be staying alive. Maybe Apple could incorporate the bug to have them bought simultaneously activated in the devices, unless they have ditched the idea.

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