Chatbots and Instant Article under Limelight at Facebook F8

April 13, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

F8, the annual developer conference of Facebook will be getting underway in a while at Fort Mason Centre in San Francisco. There has been no official word on what is going to get unveiled during the conference that will be taking place on Tuesday and Wednesday. However, few features have now emerged which appear very much likely to be the focus during the event.

One of the core features which will get unboxed by Facebook during this year’s F8 conference is the introduction of chat bots in the Messenger app.


The smartphone version of Facebook’s messenger services have been going through some big overhauls off late including the new Messenger Code that lets you add contacts by scanning a specific pattern designated for each profile. The latest info is that it will soon be enriched by chatbots that will be business oriented.

Facebook will be launching the chatbots API so that developers can get their own chatbots working in the platform. Businesses will be able to have distinct chat bots for specific purposes, and users can communicate with these chatbots to get various tasks carried out like hotel and restaurant bookings, enquiries, travel, shopping etc.

Another feature that will now get more recognition is the Instant Articles feature, which is now being pushed beyond the limit. Facebook is planning to lift the barriers so that Instant Articles gets accessible to all publishers.

Not only will it help them cut the data for quick loading, publishers will also be able to get their articles to get a more optimized sharing and viewing platform to get their stories circulating.

Besides, Facebook is also said to be working on a couple of tweaks that will get revealed at F8 dealing with video revamp. With Facebook’s own Oculus Rift device coming out to the markets, it’s very likely that the video viewing in Facebook will get optimized for 360-degree viewing.

The company is also said to be bringing a few upgrades for the Facebook Audience Network that was launched in 2014 with a focus on expanding the advertising capabilities for the developers.

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