Microsoft’s Hub Keyboard now Live on iOS too

April 12, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Microsoft introduced a powerful keyboard for the Office 365-savvy ones a couple of months ago in Android. It wasn’t made clear whether it will get expanded to iOS devices at that point of time. But here we are now, with Microsoft launching its Hub Keyboard for the iOS users.

Similar to the Android version, the iOS version of Hub features a neat layout with plenty of perks over the iOS keyboard.

Instant access to your OneDrive files is the driving force of the keyboard. Both files from your cloud account as well as phone can be fetched using the Hub keyboard.


Besides, users can get also access to SharePoint documents. Also, the contacts option in the Hub Keyboard lets users access both contacts in your devices and also from your Office 365 account. Another salient feature is the easy interface for inserting the previously copied text

However, it lacks the smart clipboard feature which let users access the list of recently copied phrases. This is one feature that gets omitted compared to the Android version of the keyboard, with the other one being the translator tool. Hub Keyboard also lacks access to other cloud files like from Google Drive; a feature that’s offered by some of the remaining third party keyboard apps.

Still, the Hub Keyboard is certainly worth a shot for all those who heavily rely on OneDrive files. The rest will still have to wait for the upgrades from Microsoft so as to feel it to be useful. Hub Keyboard is available free in the App Store, and will work on all iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch devices running iOS version 9.1 and above.

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