Facebook Introducing New Ways to Add Friends on Messenger

April 9, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Facebook’s Messenger platform stands as the world’s second most used messenger platform, only behind its sister app WhatsApp. Several milestones have been planted along its path, but the company is eager to expand that, for which they are bringing some new overhauls to the app.

The first one that has arrived is a new feature called Message Codes – a new mode to find new contacts in Messenger. Initially, Messenger stood the default messenger app for Facebook, allowing people to sent messages and media to their friends.

It later expanded by giving the option to add messenger contacts through phone numbers, following the path set by the major IM players in the industry.

Facebook msngr

Now with Message Codes enabled, users can find and add new users by simply scanning these codes through their Messenger app. Message Codes will appear with the profile picture of a user in the centre, and with a series of patterns circled around it to complete the code. Message Codes will be unique for each user.

In case if the new user added on Messenger via Message Code appears to be not a friend in Facebook, the other party will receive a message request to initiate the chat.

The introduction of the new feature will also mean that users can now have their business cards replaced with these Message Codes, if they wish to have the communications carried out through Messenger; something which the company has always been envisioning.

When Messenger was spanned out as a distinct platform in smartphones, Facebook did have the intention of making it the first-choice app of users for sending messages. Now, it stands with over 900 million users. The addition of the new feature could bring more under the circle, thus by expanding the user base to over one billion.

And, Message Code is not the sole feature that will appear on Messenger as a part of the overhaul taking place this year. The company is also planning to bring chatbot to the Messenger platform, for which they are now reportedly developing live chat APIs.

It will be going live during F8 conference scheduled for next week. The earlier-rumoured feature of including advertising through Messenger is also likely to see the light soon.

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