Apple Finally Will Let You Hide Unwanted Apps

April 8, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple stock apps do not fall under the ‘frequently used’ category. They remain ones that make the iOS Springboard appear clumsier. Until now, the only possible option was to group them under a folder so that they don’t remain scattered.

But users can now stay relieved knowing that the company is planning to bring an option that would be more useful.

According to newly added codes in the iTunes metadata, Apple is planning to bring in the option of hiding stock apps that can never be deleted. Users will never get the option of deleting them, as Apple has previously mentioned that removing any one of those might just affect the system performance as a whole. So hiding them practically remains the best available option users can get, and Apple will soon turn them a reality.


A few new codes included in the metadata are the ones like “isFirstParty” and “isFirstPartyHideableApp”, suggesting that the first party apps from Apple could soon be allowed to disappear from the home screen. This would include all default apps like Clock, Stocks, Compass, and Voice Messages etc. to name a few.

The values in the code are currently set to ‘false’. But at least that reveals how Apple will be tackling one of the most disturbing issues of the users.

According to a report, the change is expected to be brought in during the Worldwide Developers Conference that will be taking place in June. The event is likely to bring the new software versions of iOS and OS X like it has been in the previous years, and the new change is expected to be present onboard when the event shapes up. The latest iOS version 9.3 was released by Apple during March.

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