Vivaldi Browser from Opera Co-Founder Finally Goes Public

April 7, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Opera Co-Founder and former CEO Jon von Tetzchner is finally up with the public launch of the much talked about Vivaldi browser. Vivaldi v1.0 is now up and running to be used by all, after having been under development for a prolonged period.

Vivaldi is one browser that has taken the U-turn from the current browser development ideologies. According to Jon, Vivaldi will be the browser that will move against the flow, but will still be refreshing in how it addresses the power users; a section which the developers feel has been unaddressed by the rest.

The browser aims at bringing the personalization experiences and feature-filled browsing back to the browsers. While many of the major browsers have dropped the feature-rich trait for a more simplified experience, Vivaldi feels that users who feel the lack of those are in aplenty. And it’s for them that the browser is being launched with numerous customization features.


Some of the highlights of the new browser are its support for mouse gestures, customizable keyboard shortcuts, website sidebar, easy marking up of pages as notes or screenshots, tab customizations and the like.

The latter covers multiple features like stacking tabs over the other when multiple tabs are opened, and multiple page viewing at a single time. It also offers support for Chrome extensions, so personalization is not confined in any means. Vivaldi is also powered by Google’s Blink engine.

Despite having the public launch, Vivaldi still lacks certain features which were promised earlier, like distinct mail clients and sync features. However, Jon assures that these features will find space in Vivaldi soon.

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