Skype’s Latest Preview Comes with Cortana-powered Skype Bots

April 4, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Microsoft’s Build 2016 developer conference in San Francisco had plenty to offer for Windows 10. But alongside, it has also given some new additions to Skype, its video chatting platform – all of which will now be available to consumers and developers in the preview.

A huge addition on Skype now is the result of Microsoft’s latest experiment with AI conversations; a chat bot. Seems like Microsoft is not giving up on its bot experiments despite its Toy bot being a complete mess in Twitter.

But they sure have made it sure that the Skype Bot won’t be facing a backlash due to its responses, and that’s because the Skype Bots aren’t really AI-powered, and are rather being presented as search bots.


The concept is similar to the one rumored to have been developed by Google for a future app. Skype Bots won’t be giving replies to you like the Toy.

Instead, these are powered by Cortana services, and are mostly business specific. Each business will have their own bots through which Skype users can have various tasks carried out like booking tickets, restaurant enquiries, home deliveries and other stuff.

A bunch of dedicated bots have been revealed by Microsoft during the Build conference, of which a few are currently available for preview. Those are Bing Music, Bing News, Bing Images, Getty Images and Build BotThese.

Users can add them to their friend list through the same process of adding a friend. The difference is that you could now spot an add bot option when you want to add a new contact.

All these bots can now be tested in the Preview mode, which is currently available for the regions of Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, India, New Zealand, Singapore, and the US.

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