BlackBerry Set for Two New Android Launches this Year

April 4, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Following the launch of BlackBerry Priv, it was quite clear that there are more Android-powered devices in the offing from the Canadian company. The expectation was that BlackBerry would be gearing up with a cheaper smartphone this year.

But now, new reports hint that BlackBerry isn’t going to throttle their launch this year. Rumors suggest that there will not just be one Android entry this year, but two.

There isn’t much info about the new devices however, except for that the devices are codenamed after European cities. One is codenamed as ‘Hamburg’, and the other is called ‘Rome’. It is believed that the latter will be falling under the same category of Priv, but with a lower-price point. It will retain the high-end trait of the smartphone including an elegantly styled physical keyboard.


The other one, Hamburg, is expected to be the ‘cheaper’ smartphone which has been previously rumored. It was believed that BlackBerry would be launching an entry-level smartphone, which would come sans the physical keyboard.

But chances cannot be ruled out for Hamburg being a mid-powered device either. However, the physical keyboards will be refrained from the device even if it falls in the latter category.

BlackBerry’s return to smartphone industry wasn’t delicate in any way. They had the Android OS bundled in a powerful smartphone, and also kept the design norms at high levels to retain a physical keyboard in it.

Despite the Priv being lauded for the effort and making the mouths babble, BlackBerry Priv didn’t quite work out the way it had to for a company that is aiming to mark an earth-shattering return. The abruptly high price-point sums up why it failed to create the wave in the market.

It was in this background that rumors emerged citing BlackBerry’s work with entry-level midrange smartphones. Now it needs to be seen whether the mid-range device can do wonders for the Canadian company.

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