Google Fiber Adds Phone Calling Services for $10 Per Month

April 1, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

After having offered internet and TV services, Google Fiber is now seeing an expansion. The tech behemoth has now announced that its Google Fiber services will now also offer customers to access phone services, for as cheap as $10 a month.

The bundled telephone service, launched as Fiber Phone, will arrive as an add-on package for the current Google Fiber customers who are either subscribed to its internet services, or cable services. Fiber Phone will have most of its features shared from the Google Voice service.

Users will be able to make both domestic, as well as international calls, and the call rates for each calls made will be same as that of the Google Voice rates for domestic and international calls. The connection has to be setup after linking up a personal number of yours, which can be your old one or a new one.


The service will also have access to other features like call waiting, caller ID, emergency number dial, spam filtering, call screening, do-not-disturb and voicemail services. With the latter, users can also get the voicemails transcribed to text so as to read them via text messages or emails.

Google Fiber was first introduced in Kansas City a few years back, and the initial hint for the addition of phone services got revealed only during this January through a leaked email.

The official announcement now mentions that the Fiber Phone will initially be available only to select cities, but assures that it will get expanded to all Fiber connected cities in the near future.

Google has also recently announced its expansion of Fiber services to six new cities including Alabama.


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