Apple iPhone 8 to Bring in Curved OLEDs in Bigger Device

March 30, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Rumors of OLED display for iPhones are back. And this time, it’s more delightful than what it was before.

According to Chinese analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities, Apple is speeding up its work for an OLED display in its flagship smartphone. The expectation is that we could see a curved OLED powered iPhone as early as in 2017.

This is expected to be coming at a size of 5.8-inches, and will adopt a design that has been put forward by its recently launched iPhone SE device; a metallic framed body coming sandwiched in between front and black glass panels. But unlike the smaller device, Apple’s iPhone 8 (going by the release year) will feature a curved glass to both sides, making it the first device to feature a curved display.

iPhone 8 Apple

However, Ming-Chi Kuo has also expressed uncertainty of the larger device availability, as its production would depend on whether Apple gets the required OLED production for its devices. It is expected that the 5.8-inch sized iPhone will replace its current line of 5.5-inch sized iPhone Plus device.

But in case Apple meets a shortage in OLED supply, the bigger device would get pushed as a high-end limited edition model. The company is also likely to opt for mass production of 5.5-inch sized LCD powered iPhone as the mainstream ‘Plus’ branded smartphone.

In any case, Apple will have a 4.7-inch sized iPhone device launched alongside, which would however be coming sans the OLED traits. Some other specifications have also been suggested to be present in next year’s iPhone device, and it includes wireless charging features, and also biometric recognition, which could be either facial recognition or iris recognition.

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