Android Camera to Get Visual Search Features without Goggles

March 29, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Live visual searches became no more a distant reality back when Google introduced the Goggles services. Despite having capabilities like visual recognition of captured images and signboard, language recognition, Goggles is still not an app that’s a hot favourite among the Android users.

But Google is planning to change that. There aren’t any promotional works mooted for the app. But instead, Google wants to get the visual search feature more popularized with the stock Android Camera app, called the Google Camera, in Android devices.

According to a report from SlashGear, Google is currently working to integrate the visual search features of Google Goggles with Google Camera to skip the need of downloading a separate app to facilitate live image searches.


But this one could come handy mainly to Google owned devices, like Nexus, as Google Camera doesn’t come as the stock option in most of the devices offered by the rest of the smartphone vendors.

But an API for the Google Camera could also mean that an integration of Goggles feature with the vendors’ camera, which could subsequently bring a monumental rise in the visual search usage out of the box. But the part remains unclear as of now, as Google hasn’t hinted of the API integration for its Goggles services as of now.

Neither does it remain clear when Google will have its Android Camera upgraded with Goggles services. The report cites an anonymous source for this revelation. But if it turns true, a huge boost can be expected to take place in the augmented reality ambitions of Google with its Android Camera.

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