Alexa Voice Control Gets a Fresh Relation with Google Nest Thermostats

March 29, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Users of Amazon’s voice control feature will be able to control the temperature of their Google-owned Thermostat devices by means of voice commands. Thanks to a new update from Amazon, the Alexa voice recognition system in some of the devices will now have access to temperature control in Google’s Nest Thermostat devices.

Amazon explains that the integration with Nest will hold good for the following devices: Amazon Echo, Fire TV, Echo Dot, and Amazon Tap. The latter two devices’ support for voice activation of Nest devices was revealed earlier during their launch.

The new update has just expanded the list with the support of Alexa control over Nest for Amazon’s older Echo speakers and its Fire TV devices.

nest THERM

Any perceivable command can be ordered to your device followed by the Alexa tagging. Say you can speak out ‘Alexa, lower the temperature by 4 degrees’, or ‘Alexa, cool down my “thermostat name” by 4 degrees’ to have your Nest thermostat temperature brought down. A similar set of commands also work for increasing the thermostat temperature.

Multiple Nest systems can also be controlled using Alexa by mentioning which specific one you want to get controlled, like commanding Alexa to alter the temperature of upstairs thermostat only.

Both Amazon and Google have been keen on integrating their respective Alexa and Nest brands with new partners, and the new addition could benefit both. New reports also suggest that Google has been working on its own voice-controlled device to rival Amazon Echo speaker services.

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