Twitter Plans to Add Stickers to your Photos

March 26, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Tweeting with pictures and media can get you more interaction. This is something which Twitter has stressed on. And now, they are testing something really interesting to make you get more interactive on Twitter with photos.

According to a report from Re/Code, a new ‘Stickers’ feature has now gone live for a limited number of users under test. As it sounds, the feature will let users retrofit their images with new sticker additions, similar to the feature in Facebook that was introduced a year ago. The screenshots of the feature reveals that the sticker library in Twitter is somewhat vast.

Not only will users be able to work with their own images; the feature will also let you edit other images that are trending, and that’s according to an option being rumored to be present in Stickers.


With this option, users will be able to view some of the most used sticker edits for an image by other users, letting them add their own stickers based on the rest, or of their own ideas.

The feature is currently passing through the test phase. Only a very few number of users have found the option alive in their Twitter account along a message from Twitter encouraging them to report the feedback of this new feature. Twitter hasn’t officially responded to when the feature will be having a public rollout.

In case you haven’t noticed, the sticker feature is being used by Twitter not for the first time. The feature has been previously enabled, but only for celebrity accounts. However, the public version of Stickers is more likely to be an improved version with better features.

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