Google Keyboard for iOS with Search Engine Features under Development

March 24, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Cross-platform keyboards are getting pushed in everywhere. Earlier this year, Microsoft was reported to have been working on a Windows Phone keyboard app for Android OS. Now, Google is said to be developing a keyboard for the iOS platform.

Now each of them comes with some unique features. Just like Microsoft had a focus on multi-tasking with its Android keyboard, Google is also building up something unique for the iOS users. But Google Keyboard will rather focus on giving a leg up to its search traffic instead of facilitating multi-tasking in iOS.

The report comes from The Verge, whose story explains that the project has been under development for several months. Official responses haven’t yet arrived from the side of Google, and neither is it made clear of when or whether the app will be made available.


Reportedly, Google’s keyboard for iOS will come with multiple search engine prowesses. One that has been hinted is the GIF search access directly from keyboard.

Users will be given the freedom to access various searches without leaving an app or window on which they are working upon. This freedom could only improve the search traffic for the search provided leader.

Apart from search engine incorporation, Google Keyboard is also reported to be housing an array of features that will be carried forward from its Android version.

This includes the gesture-based typing support through which users will be able to type by swiping their finger across the keys. Automatic word suggestions will also be enabled along with gesture-typing.

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