Apple Rolls Out iOS 9.3 with Night Shift Mode

March 23, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The Loop You In event by Apple witnessed some key hardware launches, including a 9.7-inch sized iPad Pro and a new 4-inch iPhone 5 SE smartphone. Along with that, Apple had also kept their software products readied up for the launch, and iOS users will be happy to know that version 9.3 of the OS has now been unveiled.

The latest version of the OS now focuses on various security fixes, but along with those come new features like the Night Shift mode, Notes locking feature, CarPlay additions, News improvements and more; all of which the developers have familiarized through the beta version of the OS.

The feature that was boasted most during the beta session was the Night Shift mode, using which users can slash off the blue light radiations from your iOS device screen, thereby preventing the difficulty caused by blue lights in falling asleep. Apple’s Night Shift mode also makes use of the time and location settings in your devices to switch on the warmer light radiations automatically.


As said before, version 9.3 of iOS do focuses on security fixes. But besides, it has also now given the option to add more security to your Notes. Touch ID now gets enabled for your notes so as to keep your sensitive notes off the reach of others. The security layer can be added in form of either password, or by fingerprint recognition.

The new update has also improved the functionality of Apple services like Health, News and CarPlay. Healthkit-supported apps can now easily be identified under the Weight, Workouts, and Sleep section.

In CarPlay, users will now be able to access nearby locations in Maps like restaurants, gas stations, and more. Users can also have the ‘New’ and ‘For You’ options in Apple Music. As for the updates with News, the new features include inline video support, refined curation under For You section, and a new Landscape mode.

Some of the other changes include new 3D Touch quick menus for Weather, Settings, App Store, iTunes and Compass, and security fixes for media sharing in iMessage app.

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