Update Your Older Kindle Devices Now to Skip Internet Unhooking

March 22, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Kindle is not being kind to the older users; they are now putting them under a critical warning to get their devices updated.

Amazon’s e-book reader that came out prior to 2013 will now have to undergo the critical order to stay connected to the internet world. And there’s a deadline too, which is not so kind either.

Users of older Kindle devices will have to update the device over the air before Tuesday, following which they would be able to use their Kindle only in offline mode.


It means that almost half of your Kindle services would go down if you decide to turn the blind eye to the update. Users won’t be able to access Kindle Store, nor be able to access the files stored on cloud storage. The blockage to the former also implies that you won’t be able to download new files in your Kindle devices.

The update applies to only those devices that came to the market prior to 2013, which adds the Kindle Paperwhite along with the other ‘internet endangered devices’. Paperwhite, which was released in 2012 are still used a fair share of people across the globe.

The other devices in the list are Kindle 2nd Gen, Kindle DX, Kindle Keyboard, Kindle 4th Gen, Kindle 5th gen and Kindle Touch devices.

The update can be activated by heading to the Sync and Check for Items options in the menu. Users who get their internet disconnected post Tuesday will still have a chance to revive the connection via USB cable. The update can be downloaded manually from Amazon’s website based on your device.

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