Facebook Messenger Now Lets You Play Hidden Basketball Game

March 21, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Facebook Messenger is not just about messaging; it’s about playing basketball too. With the March Madness on, Facebook is now turning on the heat through its social messaging app Messenger with a new update that comes with a hidden basketball game in it.

All you need to do is to have the latest version of Messenger installed in your iPhone or Android devices, start a conversation with anyone, and have the basketball emo sent in your conversation.

You may notice that doing so will simply put the emo up for show. Just tap or double-tap the sent emo, and you will be welcomed with an arcade styled basketball court for you to shoot the hoops.


The game is simple. Users are required to swipe the ball towards the hoop, and each successful hit hands you with one point. It also gets better with the going. The stationary hoops also start moving around to make your shoots more difficult once your score counts ten. Facebook emos will applaud you all the way, and will also show its upset when you miss your target.

The high score will also be displayed in the conversation through which you started your gameplay. The same can be used to restart your hoop-shooting.

The latest update was first rolled out to Android devices on Wednesday, following which it was rolled out to iOS the following day.

It’s not the first time Facebook Messenger is letting its users be involved in games. Previously, they introduced a hidden chess game through which players were able to play chess with the person on the other end of a conversation.

It required users to type in the special code “@fbchess play”, and that was only introduced last month. So we do expect something new to be rolled out by the time Facebook rolls out its next update for Messenger during the next month.

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