Twitter Phasing out TweetDeck App on Windows

March 19, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Twitter, on Thursday, had made a couple of announcements for those users who access TweetDeck from Windows. One comes handy for all the TweetDeck users, while the other might just disappoint the app-savvy ones.

Let’s start with the latter. The social-networking company has announced that it will stop supporting its dedicated TweetDeck app on Windows to focus on enforcing TweetDeck improvements.

Some of the recent revamps in the TweetDeck include the introduction of TweetDeck Teams, group direct message support, and improved search filters.

The action will be taking place on April 15, following which Windows users might have to rely solely on their web browsers to access TweetDeck services. However, some have pointed out that the shutdown will only be for support, and that users will still be able to use the TweetDeck app. Twitter hasn’t given a confirmation regarding this.


Either way, the app is no longer available for download in Windows version. Twitter hasn’t pulled the app version for Mac.

Switching to the web version won’t be much of a letdown however, except for those who are used to dedicated-app services. The website presents all the features available in the app, and will also see new developments moving ahead.

Twitter has also given out a handy suggestion for the users to gain instant access to TweetDeck in their browsers. Users are now advised to pin the TweetDeck website if they are entering through Chrome. This can be done by heading to the More Tools option under Customize and Control.

The other announcement which Twitter made will let users enter Twitter websites without having to enter their log-in credentials separately. This includes Twitter, TweetDeck and Twitter Analytics. Users logged in to any of these can switch to other services without having to enter their credentials once again.

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