Microsoft’s Latest Preview Brings Extension Support for Edge Browser

March 19, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Microsoft appears to be gaining ground again in the browser arena after having ditched Internet Explorer in favor of its more advanced Edge browser.

The reasons for the downfall of the former were aplenty, and lack of any extensions was a big reason. The inclusion of the same in their new browser is one good reason why Edge is preferred more. The company is now officially bringing in the first preview of Extension support in Edge browser for developers.

The first batch will include three new extensions in the latest preview from Microsoft. These are Microsoft Translator, the Reddit Enhancement Suite, and Mouse Gestures.


Users won’t be able to access these extensions from the Windows Store though, and will have to manually download these extensions and get it installed through the Load Extension option in Edge browser.

However, Microsoft assures that it will soon be tweaking the installation method to let users access the extensions from the Windows Store. This would come to action once they get the extension entries in their library expanded, for which the task won’t be difficult.

Microsoft is already being involved in the W3C Browser Extension Community Group through which a standard API for browser extension is being envisioned. This would ease the difficulty of developers to coin an Edge compatible expansion alongside other browsers.

As of now, they have also got other extensions inbound, which include AdBlock, Adblock Plus, Amazon, LastPass, and Evernote among the rest.

Microsoft has revealed the plan to include extension support in Edge long before, but kept the work delayed to scrutinize and ensure the security levels of extension supports.

The latest preview also include other updates like improved copy-paste option, and a pinned tab feature which has been long-existent on other browsers.

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