Samsung Galaxy Note May Re-Write In-Built Storage Limit Norms

March 18, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Samsung’s yearly event of their ‘biggest Galaxy’ launch has just left everyone curious of whether it could resurrect the South Korean company’s firm stance in smartphone business. The entire industry eagerly waits to see if it happens, but alongside, they are now turning their attention to the next big launch that would scheduled for this year from Samsung.

We are speaking of the Galaxy Note 6, the upcoming prospect from the Galaxy Note line-up. There’s still a long way to be covered before we get any close to a possible official word being dropped by the company. However, some early rumors have now started showing up and there’s something to look forward in it too.


One interesting indication points at Samsung presenting a massive storage option with the new Galaxy Note. The company recently unveiled their Universal Flash Storage 2.0 that offers 256GB, and if certain rumors are to be believed, they would find space for the first time in a smartphone through Galaxy Note 6.

The rumor has boiled up as Samsung has just commenced the mass production of the flash storage. It’s no indication that the Note 6 is getting readied up side by side. Yet, as a launch platform, the bulky storage would be fit better in Note 6 than in any other smartphone.

The storage, if turned true, will certainly be the wow factor for Galaxy Note 6 when it makes its appearance at some point later this year. This would also top other spec line-up, which itself seem ushering for the Note series.

As of now, the device is expected to bring a slight improvement on its screen size with a new 5.8-inch QHD display. The processor variants will follow the same lines of Samsung Galaxy S7, with Galaxy Note 6 too expected to be arriving in Snapdragon 820-powered and Exynos 8890-powered versions.

On top of this, Galaxy Note 6 will also have an improved battery, with the expectation being nothing less than a 3600mAh battery.

As far as other technologies are concerned, Samsung will be having the Type-C USB connector supported in Galaxy Note 6. Assuming that the focus will also be on boosting the VR Gear, we can expect many VR based apps piling up on Galaxy Note 6. The Samsung Galaxy S7 currently offers free VR Gear headsets to those pre-ordering the device.

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