Skype for Web Upgrades Voice Calling along with a Few Other Perks

March 16, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A big overhaul is on its way for all Skype users access the service via web. Microsoft has announced a few big upgrades for Skype for Web which will now hand over phone calling services to the browser-based Skype services.

The web services from Skype where launched in beta form a few months back for users to get access to Skype services instantly through a web browser, without having the need to download the app version. This was to ease users who needed Skype access on PCs of other users.

The service is still running its beta campaign, but users can now make the most of their Skype Credits when getting logged in through


The service would now support all voice calls to any of the international mobile or landline numbers. Skype says that the service currently offers affordable international calls to all its users. The rates can be viewed on this page.

One of the other overhauls for the Skype for Web includes the ability to view YouTube videos through links without leaving Skype for Web. Users will get all the controls and full-screen support inside the Skype for Web tab.

The web service also gets updated with new feature to start Skype conversations with a non-Skype user using invites, and addition of push notification support on web browser.

Alongside, Microsoft has also expanded its Skype for Business services by adding PSTN conference to 17 new nations, making the total count reach 32. Skype has explained that the company would expand the PSTN conference support in Skype for Business to 100 countries by the mid of 2016.

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