Samsung C-Labs Wants to Enrich Virtual Reality with a New Dimension

March 16, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Whether it makes you feel the dimensions of depth or not, Virtual Reality does have the finesse to immerse users in a world isolated from their real-life. Now, tech behemoth Samsung is looking forward to bring that extra punch to VR by making people further soaked in the VR world.

The idea comes from the creative department of Samsung, called C-Labs, through which employees gets the chance to break in through innovative ideas. A trio of products have now been put forward, of which the new 4D Headset is the one we have been talking about.

Of course, being 4D doesn’t mean that you get to warp the space time.  Instead, Samsung is introducing a new mode to transform the VR world in to something more perceivable; by introducing a new response other than haptic feedback.


Samsung explains that their newly developed Entrim 4D headset, which is nothing but a Gear VR headset, comes with Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation that can simulate electrical signals and project it to the ears of a wearer according to the movement data of the VR content being viewed. In a sense, users will be able to feel the VR movements and motions through these simulated electric pulses.

The project was demonstrated at the SXSW in Austin, TX, where consumers were put on a race car in the VR world. With the help of electric pulses, the Entrim 4D headset did manage to deceive some of the consumers with a fake motion feeling.

Samsung hasn’t revealed when the new technology will be put for commercial production in their VR Gear devices. However, they are still hoping to add new ‘dimensions’ before being pushed out to the market, as the developers explain that their next work is to introduce rotational motion signals through the technology.

Apart from the Entrim 4D hardware piece, C-Labs has also demonstrated two new apps; Hum On! To translate your music hums into musical notes, and Waffle, a new social media service from the tech giants.

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