Google Now will Soon Pick your Voices Extensively in Offline Mode

March 15, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google Now is apparently a beloved pal of all who have got their hands upon it. Yet, at many stage would we all have wished for a personal assistant to listen to our voices more actively when working offline.

But don’t worry folks; Google will have it covered for you. Your personal assistant in Android will soon start responding to you even if your data connection trips off.

The delight comes with their scheduled presentation that would get revealed later this month, and in which they have covered plenty about the artificial intelligence algorithms. Accordingly, their newly designed speech recognition system has been tweaked to work offline shifting the server-side speech recognition entirely to a user’s handset.


Google’s new system has been developed without compromising accuracy or latency. In fact, it does presents lower latency over the prevailing system. This has been made possible through various algorithm variations including the combination of SVD-based compressing and quantization.

Testing of the new system has also been carried out by Google in a Nexus 5 device, with which they achieved a word error rate of 13.5 percent, and also managed to improve the speed of the speech recognition by seven times faster than real-time.

Over 2000 hours of anonymized Google voice search traffic were fed in for the training of their new system, which converts to over 100 million utterances. Noise from YouTube also got merged along to simulate real-world speech conditions.

With the new system implemented, Google Now could be used completely without data connection, and users can also have the data stored to later check with it once you get online. These would come besides the limited offline capabilities Google Now currently exhibits like toggling connections, opening Google Play Music etc.

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