Snapchat Aims at Wearable Tech Dominance with a New Hardware Team

March 14, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Snapchat is working on lenses, with an advanced team. This time, it’s not the Lenses feature that has pushed them to the top core, but they are literally working on physical lenses under the hardware segment.

According to a newly emerged report, Snapchat is secretly hiring hardware employees to develop a piece of wearable technology which could possibly be a smart glass. And guess what? Their first shot is not just on virtual reality, but on the even advanced augmented reality sector.

The current line-up of Snapchat’s wearable team includes more than ten technological experts who have proved their worth at some of the leading tech giants of this era. The team includes Mark Dixon, who has worked previously with Microsoft’s Hololens team. Qualcomm, Nokia, Logitech, etc are also on the list of former employer list of current Snapchat AR team.


The new move also has similarities with activity at Facebook. Entering public domain as a social media service, Facebook has managed to later buy Oculus Rift, who by the end of this month will be the first to offer a complete VR headset in the market. Snapchat also had similar efforts, and their new team formation is not their first tryst with wearable technology.

Their hardware desire dates back to 2014, during which they bought Vergence Labs, who manufactured eye-wearables that worked pretty close to Google Glass. It was a year later that they turned their attention to Snapchat Research, a team under which the above mentioned employees have merged in.

It is still not clear on whether they are developing an AR-focused device. It’s the previous work profile of the current team that has sparked speculations. But it doesn’t seem out of reach for the company either.

After all, they have just been valued as a $16 billion company.  Based on their reserves, it does seem like they can get involved in a two-horse race competition with the current Augmented Reality haulers, Microsoft.

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