Microsoft Now Facilitates Migration of Your Evernote Notes to OneNote

March 14, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Despite having a partial pullout from its business, Evernote still has got its note services pioneering the segment. But rivals Microsoft is now gearing up to take benefit of the scenario by luring Evernote users to its similar platform, OneNote.

A new update on the OneNote service means that users can easily import their notes from Evernote to OneNote. This was one big feature kept Microsoft users had been longing for. Alongside benefiting the loyal OneNote users, this would also lure current Evernote users in setting up a new account with the Microsoft service.

Called the OneNote Importer tool, the service can be used by any OneNote users by just tapping in to the service through Windows 7 powered PCs.


Mac users and smartphone users too will have to access their account from the aforementioned platform if they need to have their Evernote data imported to OneNote. Microsoft might relax this in the future, though. Also, once you get the files imported from Evernote, you can view them on OneNote from anywhere later.

Though services like handwriting input and media attachment are present in both, Microsoft’s OneNote still boasts the advantage of having them worked upon under a single note. Users also get unlimited monthly uploads and offline support for free.

Evernote users get these options only by paying up $25 for a year. Besides, users also get Office 365 integration on paying $70 on OneNote, and free if you are subscribed as a student. Still for ardent fans of Evernote, a switch to the Microsoft ecosystem can be hard and Microsoft will have to work hard with this new bait if they are to have plenty from their rival platform.

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