Manus VR is Bringing in a Better Way to Control HTC Vive VR

March 12, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Virtual Reality headsets have already bagged a name as devices that make you immersive in a new world. The VR industry is expected to flourish once Oculus gets underway followed by HTC’s and Sony’s VR gears.

Getting lined up along these headset makers are a series of players, who now await their chance to make the VR world further more immersive with some advanced control.

One such company is Manus, who has now come up with a downright convincing mode of controlling your VR experience in HTC Vive VR headsets. The support is said to be offered only on HTC’s VR gear, but this can pragmatically get expanded to the rest, as Manus is offering something that makes more sense than holding on to a controller or giving it up on cameras and motion detectors.


Manus gets the VR world oving through a pair of gloves that gives you the power of mastery to control your VR world. It could bring back that robust Power Glove feeling of Nintendo, but there is no bulky packing in the Manus VR Glove, and neither does it packs a host of controllers along your wrists. Everything is done just through your fingers with these smart gloves.

Actions are made through the finger responses that get translated from the motions made by each finger. This is carried out by means of dual-sensors placed on each finger of the gloves, each of which combines to generate a nine degree of freedom IMU.

It means that even the movements made by the individual joints get picked up by the sensors to get converted as real actions in the VR world. It also incorporates various vibratory motors to offer haptic feedback response to the users.

The connectivity option of these gloves can although create a lag in imparting the responses, but not big in any means. The device offers two types of connectivity; through USB cables and Bluetooth, coming with a latency of 5milliseconds and 12 milliseconds respectively.

We hope it gets upgraded with the Wi-Fi feature in the feature. However, Manus is also bundling a USB dongle along with it for low latency connections.

A prototype of the controller was initially displayed during the early months of last year. But Manus is set to launch the final product next week at the Games Developer Conference. The VR gloves are expected to be arriving at the markets for a cost of around $250 during the second half of this year, before which they will have the developer versions shipped during the second quarter of 2016.

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