Cola App Goes Live on App Store; Make Your Text Conversations More Interactive

March 12, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There are many who believe that their smartphone devices are meant for texting, texting and just texting. It’s for these users that some app developers push the limits to come up with something out of the box so frequently.

Some of them get the users excited; some of them get shunned. A new app called Cola sounds like coming with hefty promises.

The job that it does is to turn any of your normal text conversations into bubbled chats where you can get more interactive with instant responses and other stuff.


It’s easier, and more to the point for all sorts of conversations. That’s why we said it’s an app that can be a favorite if it evolves, because there aren’t many bubbly options available as of now in Cola. The options available now are to set up meetings with friends, sharing locations, sharing to do lists, sharing camera snaps, media files or starting quick polls.

Each of these can be invoked through various functions, and each of them does distinct tasks. Say you want to set up a meeting with your friend, just type in ‘Where Can we meet?’ and the app will send out a few convenient options to the recipient.

Based on the similar-styled replies, every users involved in the conversation can fix on a convenient time and have them added to their calendars.

The more convenient feature is the location share feature. Users won’t have to share their location every time to let the rest know exactly where they are. Instead, location can be continuously shared over a specific period of time, of which maximum is of up to one hour.

Features like these are what we expect to get shaped up in the future, and the developers behind the app are opening all the possibilities for that. An SDK is due to get released during November this year, and they are welcoming third-party developers to make the best out of Cola for making text messages more lively and interactive.

The app is available now on App Stores for iOS devices. An Android version is also on its way, but users can still enjoy cross-platform support as using the functions of Cola will have it converted to a text message with link for the non-iOS recipients, or the ones without Cola app. Clicking on that link will have all kinds of Cola features made accessible for them too.

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