iOS Users Can Now Enjoy Live Photos on Google Photos Too

March 11, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Ever since Apple introduced Live Photos, many developers were pumped up to get it active on their respective apps and services. Big players like Facebook were spontaneous to get the service triggered, but some of the rest like Google fell on the other side.

However, that wasn’t to stay eternal, as Google has now announced the support for Live Photos on Google Photos for iOS devices.

Until now, Live Photos that got uploaded to Google Photos never kept the animated part intact, and forced those traits out of the picture. It meant that even after having them opened through a native app or service, photos would never remain Live. The picture part of the Live Photos could be visible, but those won’t be brought to life when holding them harder.


Wiping that out, Google Photos now presents the exact same feature of Live Photos support like it’s for the rest. Pictures get lively with the short videos once you hold them down, and leave then untouched, and you could watch the Live Photos just like any normal still image.

This means that users can now make the most of cloud storage to have their Live Photos backed up. Google does offer unlimited image backing, and even the option to have images stored in high resolution costs much lesser than that of the iCloud services.

They won’t be of cross-platform, however. Live Photos in Google Photos can be turned lively only when accessing through supported iOS devices, and when accessed through your web browsers.


The addition will get active once you get the latest version of Googe Photos, which also features other updates like reduced cache usage, fast and improved app navigation, support for iPad Split View and on iPad Pro.

The update is now available on the App Store.

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