Android N Developer Preview Brings in Much Delight

March 11, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Android iterations always have the habit of keeping themselves concealed at least until the I/O conference. But this year, Android N has already given out the hint that it will be distinct from the rest.

In a surprise move, Google has now released the developer preview version of Android N OS much ahead of the I/O conference, thereby giving us a glimpse of what to expect in their next smartphone OS rollout.

It’s a bug-laden version, as it has arrived much earlier than expected. But that wouldn’t drop the excitement in trying out some of the much-craved features of Android N. The one in particular is the multi-tasking window support which can be accessed by long-pressing the square button.


Users around have reported many crashes and bugs currently in the split-screen option. Barring that, the common voice is that the split-screen multitasking in Android is certainly one to look out for in the final version.

It also extends the support on smartphones, which could prove useful for all the phablet users. The only difference is that apps get stacked sideways on tablet, and vertically on the smartphones. It’s also quite easier to access the multi-tasking window, says the one who have tried out the new feature on their Nexus devices.

Along with that, developers also got to taste the other new features like the changes in notification bar, Data Saver settings, tweaks in settings page like it has been rumored before, notification cards etc.

Shortcuts in notification can now easily be re-arranged, which makes it useful for stock Android running devices. Also, swiping down the notification shade will have instant access to the most used to toggle buttons, no matter from which screen you pull it down.

AndroidNpreviewGoogle has also enhanced the sleep mode, which was called Doze Mode in Android M. Devices can now enter the Doze mode much quicker than it was in Android M, including the ability to enter the mode right after the screen gets locked. This is expected to be the big battery-saver in the upcoming Android.

Also, the Night mode returns in the preview model. The mode that switched the UI to an eye-soothing interface was introduced in Android M during the beta mode, but was pulled when the final version came out.

We expect that won’t be repeated, as the Night Mode in Android N looks much more robust than what it was before.

We can expect more of the changes as developers keep digging in. You can have a hand in that too, but only if you own a Nexus device that’s not two-year-old. It means that users with Nexus 5 won’t be able to boast of a developer preview version of Android N on their devices.

Users who meet the requirements can have the preview version installed via an OTA update after signing up on the beta campaign, and won’t require a flash update to have the new OS installed.

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