Seagate ‘Fastest SSD’ Offers Nearly Double the Speed of Modern-Day SSDs

March 10, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Solid State Drives are currently the fastest option available in terms of storage, and drive manufacturers haven’t yet come up with anything that outshines the convenience of SSD.

However, all the giants have been trying to raise the bars within the SSD segment, and American manufacturer Seagate now appears to have emerged winners on that front.

The company has just announced their new PCIe x16 solid state drive, which they claims to be holding a massive data transfer speed of 10GBps. To get you more familiar with the numbers, the current fastest SSD available in the market offers maximum speeds of up to 6GBps, and it means that Seagate’s latest offering can provide nearly double the speeds of what you can get from the current best.


The new unit also complies with the Open Compute Project specifications, letting the exchange of data center design among companies including Facebook and Apple.That said, the new SSD is being launched as an enterprise-class edition, and can bear a pricing that reflects its class. Seagate has manufactured the device based on the non-volatile memory express interface (NVMe).

Seagate’s previous fastest SSD was the Nytro XP6500 flash accelerator card that offered speeds of 4GBps using the PCIe x8 card. The current one from Seagate instead uses a PCIE x16 expansion slot to which four M.2 SSDs are integrated. That gives a small idea of how Seagate has vamped up the speed. They haven’t yet revealed the real technology though, and are expected to be detailing it during the Open Compute Project Summit this weekend.

Alongside, they have also revealed their new eight-lane PCIe slot powered SSD that could clock speeds of up to 6.7GBps, which would push it atop the Nytro XP6500 as the fastest PCIE x8 SSD. Both the new units are currently ready for mass production, and will be possibly launched during summer this year.

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